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TurbineAero's Capabilities and Certifications

TurbineAero is the most comprehensive APU MRO Services company in the world. As an engineering, manufacturing, repair and repair development partner to all leading APU systems OEM’s as well as component OEM’s, TurbineAero supports the largest portfolio of APU systems and component model numbers. TurbineAero is equipped to maintain, repair, overhaul, lease and/or broker virtually all commercial, military and cargo mission aircraft types, as well as airline MRO’s, APU systems and component OEM’s, and component specialty partners.


Nadcap – Welding (TET)

Nadcap – Welding (TET – 2)

Nadcap – Surface Enhancement (TET)

Nadcap – Surface Enhancement (TET – 2)

Nadcap – Nondestructive Testing (TET)

Nadcap – Nondestructive Testing (TET – 2)

Nadcap – Nonconventional Machining (TET)

Nadcap – Nonconventional Machining (TET – 2)

Nadcap – Heat Treating (TET Tempe)

Nadcap – Heat Treating (TET Tempe – 2)

Nadcap – Heat Treating (TET Chandler)

Nadcap – Heat Treating (TET Chandler – 2)

Nadcap – Coatings (TET Tempe)

Nadcap – Coatings (TET Tempe – 2)

Nadcap – Coatings (TET Chandler)

Nadcap – Coatings (TET Chandler – 2)

Nadcap – Chemical Processing (TET)

Nadcap – Chemical Processing (TET – 2)

ISO9001-AS9110 (TAR)

ISO9001-AS9100 (TET Tempe)

ISO9001-AS9100 (TET Chandler)

GE Aviation (TET)

FAA Part 145 (TET)

FAA Part 145 (TAR)

FAA Op Spec (TET)

FAA Op Spec (TAR)

EASA Part 145 (TET)

EASA Part 145 (TAR)

CAAC Part 145 (TAR)

Rolls Royce G-RSA Certification

GT 193 TIG EB Weld Certification

GT 193 TIG-EB-Summary Certification

GT-193 Heat Treat & Blaze Certification

GT-193 FPI Certification

GT-193 Certification

Cert Package-NADCAP in Tempe

Cert Package-NADCAP in Chandler

Cert Package-FAA-EASA-AS9100