TurbineAero's Capabilities and Certifications
TurbineAero supports the largest portfolio of APU systems and component model numbers. TurbineAero is equipped to maintain, repair, overhaul, lease and/or broker virtually all commercial, military and cargo mission aircraft types, as well as airline MRO’s, APU systems and component OEM’s, and component specialty partners.

We are FAA/EASA, CAAC, PMA, DER and OEM certified.



Terms and Conditions TARR 8.1.2-1

Supplier Flowdown Requirements TAI-001

Supplemental purchase order conditions (SPOCs) TARR 8.1.2-2

Nadcap – Nondestructive Testing (TET)

Nadcap – Nondestructive Testing (TET – 2)

Nadcap – Welding (TET)

Nadcap – Welding (TET – 2)

Nadcap – Nonconventional Machining (TET)

Nadcap – Nonconventional Machining (TET – 2)

Nadcap – Heat Treating (TET Tempe)

Nadcap – Heat Treating (TET Tempe – 2)

Nadcap – Heat Treating (TET Chandler)

Nadcap – Heat Treating (TET Chandler – 2)

Nadcap – Coatings (TET Tempe)

Nadcap – Coatings (TET Tempe – 2)

Nadcap – Coatings (TET Chandler)

Nadcap – Coatings (TET Chandler – 2)

Nadcap – Chemical Processing (TET)

Nadcap – Chemical Processing (TET – 2)

JCAB Part 145 (TAR – Asia)

ISO9001-AS9100 (TET Tempe)

ISO9001-AS9100 (TET Chandler)

ISO 9001:2015/AS9110C

GACA Part 145 (TAR)

Download FAA Part 145 TET PDf

FAA Part 145 (TET)

Download FAA Part 145 TAR PDF

FAA Part 145 (TAR)

FAA Part 145 (TAR – Asia)

FAA Op Spec (TET)

Download FAA Op Spec TAR PDF

FAA Op Spec (TAR)

FAA Op Spec (TAR – Asia)

EASA Part 145 (TET)

EASA Part 145 (TAR)

EASA Part 145 (TAR – Asia)

DGCA Indonesia (TAR – Asia)

CAAV with Ops Specs (TAR – Asia)

CAAT Part 145 (TAR – Asia)

CAAC Part 145 (TET)

CAAC Part 145 (TAR)

CAAC Part 145 (TAR – Asia)