Code of Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct reflects how our Company’s culture is translated into our employees’ behavior. It explains what is expected of each of us as we work to achieve our business goals. It is the cornerstone of our ethical culture that we reaffirm daily in our business activities.

Compliance with this Code and all supporting policies is mandatory. Together, they provide the framework for the application of consistent standards of responsible behavior
that will ensure that our company is valued and respected now and in the future.

Aviation companies must drive and lead the industry for change and growth to take place. We must set standards and lead with a direct footprint and partner alongside our customers and business relationships to better ourselves and the industry.

With TurbineAero, we are no different. We hold ourselves to the highest and utmost integrity while maintaining honest, professional APU care, and respectable customer service.

At Turbine Aero Repair and our affiliates, we are dedicated to helping the world’s leading airlines and general aviation companies solve their toughest MRO challenges in order to maintain their fleets at air ready status. We are proud to provide innovations in service reliability, cost and timeliness by providing first in class parts and repair service know how, and unmatched customer collaboration.

We believe that how we conduct our business is just as important as what we achieve. Our motto “We Power Aviation” means making choices that are based on what is ethical and not just what is easy or expedient.

We have over 35 years in the aviation maintenance repair and overhaul business, and our TurbineAero Air Repair Division has repaired over 10,000 APU’s and 200,000 accessories. TurbineAero’s facility has production space in excess of 65,000 square feet and continues to add new APU product lines and services to support our customers.

It’s with this knowledge base, industry experience and the best Team in aviation, that TurbineAero has positioned itself as a major player in the worldwide MRO APU arena.

We expect great things of ourselves, and we partner with only the best.

Specifically, we power aviation.


Robert Wilson


Photo of TurbineAero Staff