The SMaRT-Induction Program (Strategic Maintenance and Repair Technics) leverages TurbineAero’s extensive maintenance history and technical experiences to help customers to diagnose an APU to help determine the best next course of action for the APU. TurbineAero’s sales team, engineering team, repair team, and supply chain team will work together to help you determine how to make the most of the APU, such as :

Sell the APU:

  • As Is
  • Serviceable
  • Overhauled
Repair the APU:

  • As a Spare
  • Exchange
Bag & Tag

  • To lower APU Repairs
  • To sell the parts

SMART-Induction Process APU MRO Diagram
SMART-Induction APU MRO Diagram


  • TurbineAero’s APU experts, thoroughly review and diagnose the APU
  • TurbineAero provides the APU diagnosis as well as current market prices to allow you to determine the optimal solution
  • TurbineAero continuously monitors the market looking for APU and APU related parts (LRU) and accessories to provide the current market value
  • TurbineAero Supply Chain and Trading Team
    • $20+ million in APU and APU parts in inventory and growing
    • Professionals in buying and selling APU’s
    • Consignment options
  • TurbineAero’s Bag & Tag choices include:
    • TurbineAero purchasing the parts
    • Selling parts on consignment
    • Tagging parts for spare inventory Parts storage