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Specialty MRO

TurbineAero was created to become the most comprehensive, flexible, and customer-focused APU MRO Services company in the world. As the largest independent APU MRO globally, TurbineAero repairs, sells, leases, tests, and certifies APU and related parts accessories. TurbineAero currently has four locations, three business units are located near Phoenix, AZ and the fourth is just outside of Bangkok, Thailand.

Floride Ion Cleaning (FIC)

  • Employs a chemical vapor process
  • Hydrogen fluoride gas penetrates and reduces oxides on all surfaces
  • Minute cracks will be cleaned
  • An “alloy depleted surface” is created (not detrimental to part)
  • Primarily used prior to brazing and welding repairs

Thermal Spray

  • Fully Automated
  • Controlled thickness to customer Specifications
  • No Dimensional Limitations
  • LPPS – Low pressure plasma spray, thermal plasma, HVOF, & dual arc

Vacuum Furnace

  • 1 Heat Treat Machine
  • 1 Brazing Machine
  • Used for Age, Stress, Solutions, Aneal, Precipitation hardnesss
  • Working zone = 2’ x 4’


  • Brazing creates an extremely strong joint, usually stronger than the base metal pieces themselves, without melting or deforming the components
  • No limitation on size of part, only on the airflow

Electron Beam (EB) Welding

  • Single pass welding of thick joints
  • Hermetic seals of components retaining a vacuum
  • Low distortion
  • Low contamination in vacuum
  • Low contamination in vacuum

Additional Processes include:

Machining Core

  • CNC Lathe (up to 31” Swing)
  • CNC Mill (3, 4 and 5-Axis Milling)
  • CNC EDM (Sinker and Wire)
  • ID/OD Grinding
  • Curvic Grinding
  • Conventional Machining

Airflow Measurement

Mass Airflow Measurement

Shot Peen – AMS2430 Certified

High Speed Spin Testing

Inspection/Non-Destructive Testing


  • CNC Lathe (up to 31” Swing)
  • CNC Mill (3, 4 and 5-Axis Milling)
  • CNC EDM (Sinker and Wire)

Pack Aluminide Coating

Vapor Aluminide Coating

  • CNC Lathe (up to 31” Swing)

Platinum-Aluminide Coating

Platinum Plating Coating

Chemical coating removal

  • Internal Stripping
  • External Stripping

Bench Grinding/Hand Finishing

Honeycomb Braze Coating