TurbineAero APU MRO Services

TurbineAero is the world’s leading independent aerospace systems and component maintenance, repair, overhaul, lease and brokerage service providers focused on APUs and related products. The businesses provide military, commercial, cargo and regional airline customers with a comprehensive maintenance solution for their legacy and new APU engine models. The combined entity provides global coverage from two modern facilities located in Chandler and Tempe, Arizona, and as well as TurbineAero’s Asia Pacific hub and facilities based Chonburi, Thailand. In addition, it is a provider of hot-section component manufacturing and repair services for original equipment manufacturers, aircraft operators, and repair and overhaul providers, offering extensive and unique capabilities, including complex machining, engineering, inspection, non-destructive testing, and thermal coatings in its Tempe, Arizona facility.


Auxiliary Power Unit Repair Maintenance and Overhaul

With offices located in the United States of America and in Thailand, TurbineAero offers Worldwide maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) for Auxiliary Power Units (APU). With over 30 years of experience and thousands of APUs serviced, TurbineAero is your one stop shop for APU MRO. Whether it is working directly with the APU manufacturer and the aircraft operator, TurbineAero has an industry leading team of engineers and technicians to ensure that every APU receives the same attention to detail and quality as APUs delivered from the factory. Because of TurbineAero’s meticulous service and delivery efforts, TurbineAero received the 2016 Top Shop from OneAero MRO. Global management of the worlds C-17 fleet, the fleet of JSTARS aircraft, Presidential and Royal fleets, as well as the largest US cargo fleet operators.

Component MRO

APU Component MRO

TurbineAero offers the following component repair and manufacturing to support APU customers across the world. TurbineAero’s FAA approved facility specializing in repair development and production of Aerospace, Light Industrial, and Aero-derivative gas turbine component repairs. In addition, TurbineAero can build to print as required by the customer to manufacture high precision components such as; rotating, compressor, and hot section components and complex geometry machined components. With these advanced services and capabilities to offer repair, exchange, or new parts, TurbineAero is one of the leading APU aftermarket component company in the world.

Specialty Processes

TurbineAero's Specialty Processes

TurbineAero offers a wide variety of specialized services to help give customers and OEMs the flexibility needed to provide seamless operation. TurbineAero’s Specialty processes include:

  • Low Pressure Plasma Spray (LPPS)
  • Metal Spray (Thermal, HVOF and Plasma)
  • Vacuum Diffusion Brazing
  • Vacuum Heat Treat
  • Airflow Measurement
  • Mass Airflow Measurement
  • Shot Peen – AMS2430 Certified
  • High Speed Spin Testing
  • Machining Core
    • CNC Lathe (up to 31″ Swing)
    • CNC Mill (3, 4 and 5-Axis Milling)
    • CNC EDM (Sinker and Wire)
    • ID/OD Grinding
    • Curvic Grinding
    • Conventional Machining
  • Inspection/Non-Destructive Testing
  • Welding
    • CNC Lathe (up to 31″ Swing)
    • CNC Mill (3, 4 and 5-Axis Milling)
    • CNC EDM (Sinker and Wire)

In addition to these unique repair capabilities, TurbineAero also has coating capabilities. Those core coating capabilities include:

  • Pack Aluminide
  • Vapor Aluminide Coating
    • CNC Lathe (up to 31″ Swing)
  • Platinum-Aluminide
  • Platinum Plating
  • Chemical coating removal
    • Internal Stripping
    • External Stripping
  • Fluoride Ion Cleaning (FIC)
  • Vacuum Heat Treating
  • Bench Grinding/Hand Finishing
  • Honeycomb Braze
  • Metallurgical Laboratory
    • ICP, SEM & XRF Analyzing Capability

APU Sale, Lease, and Exchange Services

TurbineAero APU exchange program

Understanding that each customer has different APU needs and sometimes waiting for one to be overhauled is too long, TurbineAero has developed multiple options for every unique situation. TurbineAero offers APU Sale, Lease, and Exchange Services to customers all over the world.

As the situation dictates, customers look to TurbineAero to buy or trade-up an APU. By offering APUs for sale, both new and used, TurbineAero always has an APU ready to ship. With TurbineAero’s vast inventory, it allows customers the choice of picking the best APU for their specific needs.

While buying is one option, some customers just want to lease an APU for a specific timeframe. With flexible options on the length of the lease customers can set a timeframe and a budget and stick to it with TurbineAero’s APU lease programs.

Lastly, TurbineAero provides exchanges to help keep customers aircraft in the air. If the mission calls for the aircraft to fly and waiting for an APU repair is out of the question, use TurbineAero’s exchange program as a tool to put it back in the air. End of life asset management including purchase and final sale and part out for customer.