The SMaRT-Workscoping Program (Strategic Maintenance and Repair Technics) leverages TurbineAero’s extensive maintenance history and technical experiences, along with our industry – leading induction processes to provide customers with improved MTBR rates, increased reliability, with a decrease in overall cost to maintain APUs.

  • Induction Borescope and Test Cell Run
  • Diagnosis
  • Engineering Review
  • Repair Options: PMA, DER, and OEM
  • Repair Types
    • Gearbox Repair
    • Load Compressor
    • Hot Section

APU Induction


DMM Data Review

  • Review DMM data for shutdown history related to reason for removal
  • Review logged corrected performance history for degradation trend
  • Review turbine inlet(T4) temperature exposure time greater than 1950 degrees

Photo of APU Borescope Borescope

  • Identify flow path degradation
  • Identify FOD or shroud delamination
  • Identify oil migration into flow path

Photo of APU Test Cell Test Cell

  • Operate APU to confirm reason for removal
  • Instrumented engine allows for in depth troubleshooting
  • Test cell operation provides controlled set points to isolate faulty modules
  • Provides accurate health of APU

Proposal Image Proposal

  • Review finding with customer
  • Provide SMaRT-Workscoping recommendation.
  • Work with customer to determine best solutions for APU objectives

Photo of APU Components


Repair only what is required.


  • TurbineAero historical APU repairs indicates the each module doesn’t need to be repaired on every shop visit.
  • Engineering Review of each APU
  • Cost savings by not repairing the “entire” APU every time.
  • Better understanding of cost drivers than using the OEM
  • Improved MTBR and reduced deferrals from improved product reliability
  • Better understanding of APU failures and APU health after induction